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Dylan Richardson's Page

Hi! I'm Dylan Richardson. I'm seven (as of 10/2000). I have a younger sister named Abby .

Go to my Photo Album to see all of my pictures.

On August 16th 2000 I rode my bike with my Dad to Dairy Queen and had an ice cream cone. Then we rode to Wendy's and had a Chicken Nugget kids meal. My dad and I played a round of Mini-Golf. Then we rode home. The trip was about 6 miles of riding in all. Here is a map of my adventure. We also rode back to Dairy Queen on August 17th. I am getting faster on my bike. The second trip took only 52 minutes and we averaged 6.5 MPH.

In June 2000, we found a giant turtle on the neighbors driveway. Guess what? In June 2001, we found another giant turtle laying eggs in our side yard!

My Dad got a telescope. There were lots of Planets and Stars visible on September 19th, 1999 at 6AM. I got to see some of the planets through the telescope. and I drew pictures of what I saw. Start here to see what I saw.

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